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Feragaia 700ml | 0.0 ABV
Feragaia 700ml | 0.0 ABV

Feragaia 700ml | 0.0 ABV

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Introducing Feragaia 0.0 ABV, a premium non-alcoholic spirit crafted with care and precision. Blending 14 responsibly sourced botanicals, including seaweed, bay leaf, and chamomile, Feragaia delivers a complex and refreshing flavour profile. Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated alternative to traditional spirits, Feragaia offers a distinct taste experience without the alcohol, allowing you to savour every sip guilt-free. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the base for creative cocktails, Feragaia 0.0 ABV embodies the essence of mindful drinking, ensuring you can indulge in exceptional taste without compromise.


  • 700 ml
  • 0.0 ABV