Locharron | Spring Scarf - Cambo Coral – The Scottish Company
Locharron | Spring Scarf - Cambo Coral

Locharron | Spring Scarf - Cambo Coral

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  • Locharraon 100% new wool spring scarf 
  • Lightweight 
  • Bright and pastel color scarves in vibrant hues or soft pastels that reflect the colors of spring, such as sky blues, soft pinks, mint greens, and sunny yellows.
  • Longer scarves than other scarves so that it can be worn multiple ways like draped over shoulders or tied in various knots.
  • Layering Piece Use scarves as a stylish layering piece over lightweight spring outfits, adding both warmth and flair
  • Transitional accessory scarves can transition an outfit from day to night effortlessly, making them perfect for spring outings that extend into the evening.